Music Page

Welcome to the Music Program at Barrera Veterans Elementary School


Ms. Dora Gonzales
Music Teacher

Music is fundamental.
Learning about music promotes critical thinking skills.
Music connects and expands all the core subject areas.
On top of all that, music is fun!

Here at Barrera, every song is a vocabulary lesson.
Vocabulary lessons then lead to discussions about
and explorations into geography, history, and even science.
Since math is the study of patterns, and music is patterns in sound,
math permeates every music lesson.

This Week:
All music classes have been learning new songs, dances, and games. Each class has learned vocabulary and songs for their specific grade.

At the end of September we will be reviewing all of the songs we have learned so far including; using beat rhythm, singing and speaking voices, high-low, loud, soft, create effects, following directions, echo, names and incorporating movement.

Every three weeks we will be learning about art, an artist, and working on an art project.