4th Grade Page

4th Grade Teachers

Michael Torrez         Misti Lucius

Bobbie Prince         Aimee Rodriguez

Sarah Salazar      Juana Pena - Bilingual 

Parents... Welcome to our 4th grade page. We are very excited about starting a new year! Please make sure that all enrollment information is filled out and returned to the school. Please make sure that all phone numbers and addresses are correct. This will help us contact you in case of an emergency. Your child will be receiving homework on a daily basis to practice skills needed to succeed. Please help your child remember to complete their homework and return to school with it.
We are looking forward to a great year.....4th Grade is reaching for the STAARS!!!!!!! 


Weekly Progress

 Your child should be bringing home a Monday folder every week containing important letters, your child’s work from the previous week, and a weekly progress report. Please help your child remember to bring back their folders and their progress reports on Tuesday.


Fourth Grade will be studying a different spelling pattern each week.  A spelling list will be stapled into your child’s planner every Monday, and a spelling test will be given on Friday.  Please help your child study a little every night.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you need an additional list.

What we're learning this week:

Every week we have read a fiction or nonfiction text to discuss comprehension skills such as author's purpose, point of view, and main idea.
Language Arts:
We are discussing the elements of a good composition and have been practicing comma usage and how often to form compound sentences.

We are in the middle of our Multiplication Unit. Students will be learning long multiplication, then applying that knowledge to solving a variety of multi-step word problems

Social Studies:
Students are learning about Early Americans. we will be discussing the economic, social, and political systems unique to the Native Americans that lived in Texas.

Students are identifying differences between mixtures and solutions. Students will be using what they have learned about mixtures to develop plans to separate combined substances using a variety of tools.


It is extremely important that your child attend school everyday.  If your child is absent, you will get a call from the teacher.  At this time, please try to make arrangements to get their work, so they won’t get behind.  You can do this by asking the teacher to send it home with a sibling or neighbor, or you can drop by the school and pick it up.  Please don’t forget to send a parent or doctor note to school the day after the absence.