3rd Grade Page

3rd Grade Teachers

Lilianna Reslinger

Beth Krager

Amy Drury

Janet Garza

Iris Reyes

Nicole Moya


Spelling- (15 minutes) A spelling menu will be provided and placed in the student's homework journal. They will need to pick a DIFFERENT activity from the menu each night. We will have our weekly spelling test on Friday for our words.

Math- (10 minutes) Daily homework pg. (They will be responsible only for the problems they are assigned. These problems will be highlighted.)

Reading- (15-20 minutes) Read 15-20 minutes nightly. Make sure and ask them questions about the story or other item they are reading.

 If you have any questions feel free to call us at (866) 465-8808. Our conference time is from 12:50-1:40. Thank you! 

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