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Typing Skills for 3rd - 4th grade

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Online Dictionaries -
Students can bring vocabulary lists to the lab and look up the words online.
Word Wizard

Students can create their own vocabulary quiz by typing in up to 25 words.  It will create a word bank and a list of the definitions.  Students can print out their own quiz and or use this for a homework assignment to practice vocabulary words.
Quiz Maker

Students can create their own dictionary by typing in up to 25 vocabulary words.  The dictionary will print out with the word, the definition, and the part of speech.
My Mini Dictionary Maker

Students can bring math terms and look them up using the online math dictionary. 
Online Math Dictionary
Spelling and Vocabulary Practice

Students can practice typing their spelling words using Be a Spelling Wizard to create a word search with the words they typed in.  The word search can be completed online or printed out for homework or a class assignment.  Students can exchange their word searches or create a word scramble too. (Skills: Typing, clicking, studying spelling words)

Students can create flashcards to help them study for vocabulary words, math problems, historical events, characters from a book.  Typing the information in will not only help them with typing skills, it will help them visualize the information and they can then print out the cards and carry them around to help them study the material.  Flashcard Maker

Ideas for flashcards:

  • vocabulary word on the front of the card and the definition on the back
  • math problem on the front of the card and the answer on the back
  • historical event on the front and the date it occured on the back
  • name of a character on the front and the significance of the character in the story on the back

Rebus Rhyme Scavenger Hunt
Students can use this scavenger hunt to search for the answers to questions on various rhymes.  They can read the rhyme, find the answer and then color an online picture (look for the link on the upper left hand corner of the page) that goes with the rhyme.  (Skills: clicking, scrolling)